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Increase your audience to increase your ad revenue

ADthletic Media supports content publishing web sites so they can increase and diversify their audience.

Increasing audience has a direct impact on ad monetization.

→ for medium-sized sites, it helps reach the critical mass needed to monetize the site via an advertiser or agency

→ for large sites, it helps increase the CPM (Cost Per Mille) of their ad space


Specifically developed content and adapted delivery channels
to guide qualified traffic to your website.

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ADthletic Media has developed unrivaled expertise that allows its clients to buy qualified traffic at the best possible price and within very short time frames.



Technology Watch/Intel

The solutions delivered by ADthletic Media include market intelligence, a survey of your advertising campaigns, an analysis of the structure of your audience, and an analysis of the resources at your disposal. The outputs are used to define the optimal delivery/content mix based on your audience growth objectives.


ADthletic Media determines the best price that will ensure your objectives are reached.


ADthletic Media is able to produce content and activate the delivery of this content within very short time frames (on average, 3 days from first brief to campaign launch).

Tracking / Reporting / Reporting

ADthletic Media measures everything it does and offers detailed reporting that includes the principal KPIs for each campaign.


Among its 40 clients, ADthletic Media counts a number of sites facing audience and monetization challenges, including:

  • “ADthletic is a company that knows its business very well and that is constantly asking questions about its own actions in order to ensure delivery of a top-performing, high quality service. I can’t recommend the company highly enough to those seeking to stand apart from the competition.”

    Guillaume GIRAUDET
    Head of SEO and Traffic Acquisition
  • “Not only do ADthletic Media’s solutions deliver qualified traffic, they offer transparency in terms of performance measurement and the highest professional standards in terms of rollout, which is extremely rapid.”

    Cyril CHIALVA
    Marketing Manager New Media Department
  • “ADthletic Media is a partner of choice: attentive, with lots of great ideas, and reliable when it comes to meeting objectives. We have been working non-stop with ADthletic Media for the past two years.”

    Responsable Acquisition et Etudes d'Audience
  • “After 18 months of collaboration, it is clear that ADthletic Media offers a sophisticated blend of efficiency, results (reached and surpassed), and reliability.”

    Audrey ROUSSEL
    Directrice Marketing

Our story

ADthletic Media was founded in 2012 by Jean Charles Ferré and Matthieu Saint-Girons,
in response to the erosion of the offline revenue of media groups and the related need to improve their online revenue, driven mainly by the successful monetization of their audience.